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Use these guidelines in packaging and formatting your submission and supporting documents.


  • Case study title
  • Submitting company’s name* and high-resolution logo EPS and JPG/PNG
  • Company or brand name** and high-resolution logo EPS and JPG/PNG
  • Contact name, email address, and phone number

* Submitting company refers to the organization submitting the entry. If you are an agency or service provider submitting on behalf of a brand client, include your agency name as the submitting company.
** Company or brand name refers to the company or primary brand featured in the campaign case study.


  • Well-written case study, 300 – 1,500 words in length, with four clearly identified headings: Business Problem, Insight, Solution, and Results
  • Client company or brand name, as applicable or desired If you are submitting on behalf of a brand/client, DO NOT include your agency name within the submission content.


  • 4 – 6 high-resolution images, graphics, and/or links to high-resolution audio files or high-definition videos (16:9 format, preferably) Only include assets that support the case study and clearly show the campaign at work.


Payments for entries are collected at the end of the submission process. Invoices will NOT be issued for BrandSmart Awards submissions, so, please
complete your secure online credit card payment by following the instructions outlined at the bottom of the online submission form.

Once you have completed the payment, your submission will be final and you will not have access to it. Please confirm your entry is complete before processing
payment. Refunds will not be given under any circumstances. Early bird pricing is available at a lower rate through January 31, 2022.