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Honoring the best of the best.

AMA Chicago’s Marketer of the Year award recognizes the professionals leading their brands forward. With our city as a hub for marketing’s creative minds at brands of all sizes, the award honors the most outstanding marketer in a competitive field.



Eligibility: Nominees must be based in the Chicagoland area, though their employer does not need to be local. Nominees’ current responsibilities must focus on the branding, marketing, and communications aspects of their company’s brand. Please note that this opportunity is for in-house marketers, not agencies, though agencies are welcome to nominate their clients. Self-submissions are encouraged.

Entries: Nomination entries are $125 each. Submissions are open from May 15 to July 31, 2024. The Marketer of the Year award will be presented at CMO Forum on October 3, 2024 at The Dalcy in Chicago. [Submission Guidelines]

Nominations will include the nominee’s LinkedIn profile and a short narrative (300-1,000 words). The narrative should address three categories of criteria: Strategy, Results, Vision & Leadership. The nominee needs to have completed the work outlined in the narrative within the last 12-18 months.

Criteria: The below questions are guidelines for the narrative; they do not need to be answered individually.


  • Has the candidate achieved breakthroughs and advances in organizing and planning?
  • Has the candidate developed unique methodologies?
  • Has the candidate shown effective collaboration inside the organization as well as with outside partners?
  • Has the candidate successfully implemented creative approaches to solving marketing and communication problems?
  • Has the candidate progressed the face of the industry?


  • Has the candidate employed effective methods of measurement?
  • Has the candidate’s work helped their organization achieve both short- and long-term goals?


  • Has the candidate’s work helped advance or transform their organization or the field of marketing?
  • Has the candidate shown thought leadership by speaking and writing on marketing?
  • Has the candidate been recognized by others in the field for their work?
  • How has the candidate given back to the Chicagoland community?


The Marketer of the Year Award is presented by AMA Chicago